VoxVision version 2.3 for Swyx is now available

It has taken longer than expected (an all too familiar story with software development) but version 2.3 of VoxVision is now available.  This release sees the inclusion of granular security and the ability to export reports to both Adobe and Excel.

The granular security control is where all of our hard work has been focused.  VoxVision now allows you to create users to control who has access to the application.  Each VoxVision user can be assigned permission to the data for one or many groups or just a single Swyx agent.  Access to report types can also be controlled.  If used in conjunction with VoxVault then VoxVision users can be given permission to access call records too but only for the user or users they have assigned permissions to.

For more information or a demo of the latest release get in touch directly or through your Swyx partner.