VoxVision for Swyx

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VoxVision was written just for Swyx.  Swyx specific integration allows real time synchronisation of agents and groups resulting in lower administration and more accurate reporting.

A clear and concise user interface makes it quick and simple to extract the information you need to measure the performance of your agents and ensure service levels are maintained. Decisions are only as good as the information on which they are based.

The real time feed of recent calls allows managers to quickly identify trends or problems without the need to run reports.

Toggle on and off elements of each graph or chart  to highlight areas of focus.

Granular security allows you to extend reporting features to each user without compromising confidential information.

VoxVault for Swyx

VoxVault is a complimentary application for VoxVision call reporting that when enabled, provides an unrivaled search and playback tool for Swyx Monitor call recordings.  VoxVault manages the call recordings into a logical folder structure whilst the search interface provides a familiar environment from which calls can be located easily and quickly.  By enabling the optional security features you can lock down access to the recordings on disk.

The logical folder structure created by VoxVault to store recordings makes it simple to archive files by year, month or day.  VoxVault integrates seamlessly with Windows Server EFS encryption to ensure only those with permission through VoxVision and VoxVault can access call recordings protecting both you and your clients.


GoConnect is a discrete toolbar capable of supporting a range of plugins.  Our pause record plugin helps companies meet their PCI responsibilities by allowing an agent to pause Swyx trunk call recording and prevent any card holder data from being captured and stored.  Recording will automatically resume eliminating the risk of an agent forgetting to restart call recording leading to important call information being lost.

ZOHO CRM Integration

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ZOHO CRM is a great web based product for managing all of your client activity.  With our ZOHO CRM Integration, you can now link your Swyx system so that calls are dynamically routed to the Account Owner.  We match the callers phone number to a contact record in ZOHO CRM, then route the call via Swyx to the Account Owner.  We also pass the contact and company name to Swyx so that the Account Owner knows exactly who is calling.