How do I buy your applications?

You can only buy our applications through a registered Swyx partner.  We do this to ensure our applications are installed correctly alongside your Swyx system.  If for any reason you don't have a Swyx partner contact us and we will put you in touch with one.


How much do your applications cost?

You will need to speak to your Swyx partner to get a quote for an application including installation.  No-one will know your system better that your Swyx partner and we are keen to ensure that our applications and those from Swyx enjoy a harmonious relationship.


Can I get a trial license for your applications?

No problem at all.  Get in touch and we can organise a one month trial license for any of our software.  At the end of the trial if you like the product then we will ask your Swyx partner to get in touch to organise payment.


I really like your products but there is a feature missing.  How can you help?

First of all get in touch with your requirement.  We are adding new functionality all the time and it may be the case that the feature you require has already made it on to the list of features for an upcoming release.  If it isn't we can discuss it and see if it is something we can add to it.