Vox Rocket add reporting for IVR DTMF choice to VoxVision

IVR, sometimes known as an auto attendant or call menu, can be invaluable to small and large businesses alike.  A well planned IVR will save time and frustration for you and your callers by directing them to the right person or department.  Knowing that your IVR is well thought out and delivering benefit to your business though is difficult to measure.

The Vox Rocket team have spent the past few weeks designing and building a new report to help do just that.  We record IVR choice at multiple levels and have created a new report with clear and simple navigation that allows you to follow a call as it passes through your IVR configuration.  Two pie charts visualise the quantity and percentage of calls that make each choice and each call outcome.  We also highlight calls that have hung up without making a choice helping you ensure your IVR menu process is optimised to minimise lost callers.

All of this is only possible because our reporting software is built specifically for Swyx.  By leveraging closer integration we can build better more accurate reports.

If you would like a demo of the new report or feel one of your clients would benefit from a trial of VoxVision then please get in touch.